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Consignor & Work Registraiton Is Open.


Due to TN law, our capacity is limited to 50 people. We have less than 50 workers, so we are not requiring an appointment for you to shop. During the kids allowed time, there may be a small wait to enter.

Returning Workers
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Off-Site Workers
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Worker Updates

Changes for Fall of 2020

  • Our venue has a 50 person limit on capacity. We do not expect to reach that capacity during worker shopping. However, be prepared for the possibility of a small wait to enter.

  • Earn 5% for every shift worked, no more than 3 shifts allowed. All multi-shift workers must work at least one sorting shift to receive commission and shopping privileges.

  • To be allowed into the worker pre-sale from 12-1 PM, children of workers must be minors (17 or under).

Updates and changes from recent sales.

  • Must also be a consignor to sign up to bring a meal.

  • Due to a recent U.S. Court ruling, we are no longer allowed to refer to our workers as volunteers. Several changes will take place in the future due to this ruling. 

  • See schedule for exclusive half-price sale.

  • You can bring your kids! If you can't find a babysitter, we now have a special 12-1 PM slot at the presale for workers who need to bring their kids. All kids must leave by 1 PM.

  • 3 shift workers can be paid via Venmo or PayPal. Payment will be issued within 3 days.


Sale Schedule

Fall & Winter Sale 2020
08/26/20 - 08/30/20

Liberty Hall at The Factory at Franklin

Wednesday, Mar 3

11:00 AM - 7:30 PM: Setup & Dropoff

Thursday, Mar 4: PreSale

10:30 AM: 3 Shift Workers

11:00 AM: 2 Shift Workers

11:30 AM: 1 Shift Workers

12:00 PM: Workers w/ Kids

12:30 PM: Consignors

2:00 PM: Consignors w/ Kids

4:00 PM: Heroes (military, medical, teachers, etc.)

5:00 PM: $10 Admission Public Presale

6:30 PM: $5 Admission Public Presale

Friday, Aug 28 
8:30 AM: $5 Admission New Parent/Grandparent Sale

9:00 AM: Public Sale, No Ticket Required

5:30 PM: 2&3 Shift Workers Half-Price Sale

6:00 PM: 25 Mystery Coupons ($5-$50) Handed Out

6:30 PM: 1 Shift Workers Half-Price Sale
7:00 PM: 20 Mystery Coupons ($5-$25) Handed Out

7:30 PM: Consignors Half-Price Sale

8:00 PM: 15 Mystery Coupons ($5-$25) Handed Out

Saturday, Aug 29
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM: Public Half-Price Sale

During the pre-sale on Thursday, no kids allowed from 9 AM - 12 PM.

Children of workers (minors only) are allowed into the pre-sale from 12-1 PM.

Infants in a sling/wrap are always allowed.

All Worker Details

Our workers get the BEST incentives!

  • You shop BEFORE consignors and the public.

  • Your $15 consignor fee is waived.

  • Earn up to 85% of your sales commission.

  • $1 fee for card transactions is waived!

  • Get fast/electronic payment of commission.

  • Free meal during your shift.

  • Snacks/drinks available whole shift.

  • Workers for drop-off get to preview items.

  • Sorting/breakdown workers paid same day.

  • Skip the crowds and long lines.

  • Exclusive half-price sale.

  • Off-site worker options.

  • Over 3 hours of exclusive shopping-no need to feel rushed!


Worker Details

Earn 5% per shift, up to 3 shifts. Read below for shopping times. To earn more than 5% and shop before 11:30 AM, at least one shift must be a sorting shift. We have sorting shifts available on Saturday evening and Sunday. 

For all workers, we will adjust your commission and remove your consignor fee the week after the sale. The software does not automatically update your commission after you work a shift.

PreSale Shopping Schedule

Thursday, Aug 27 

9:30 AM: 2 Shifts + 1 Sort Shift (3 shifts total)

10:30 AM: 1 Shift + 1 Sort Shift (2 shifts total)

11:30 AM: 1 Shift
12:00 PM: Kids of workers allowed 12-1 PM

1:00 PM: Consignor Shopping

4:00 PM: Kids of consignors allowed 

6:00 PM: Heroes & Golden Ticket Winners

7:00 PM: PreFun PreSale, $5 Entry Fee

Friday, Aug 28

6:00 PM: 2 & 3 shift workers Half-Price 

7:00 PM: 1 shift workers Half-Price

8:00 PM: Consignor Half-Price

OFF-SITE OPTIONS: Can't work on-site during the sale? Provide a meal for our on-site workers. Click HERE for details.

PAYMENT: Would you like to receive your check the same day as pick up? Work any sorting shift, and we will give you your consignor check at the end of your shift. We have sorting shifts available Saturday and Sunday. Our preferred method of payment is PayPal.

REMINDER: Dads and teens can work too and their shifts apply toward your shopping time.

Worker Rules:

*Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled shift so that you will have time to find out what your job will be and receive the related instructions.

*Check in with a leader when you arrive.

*Please be prepared to work your entire shift. The time will fly by!

*Babies and children under 12 are not permitted to come with you to your shift. 

*Workers must be at least 12 years old.

If you have questions regarding working at the sale, please contact us.


Off-Site Workers



Shop early and waive your $15 consignor fee by providing a meal to our on-site workers. If you provide one meal, you receive 1-Shift shopping privileges and will have your $15 consignor fee waived. Meal delivery options are available under the Volunteer section after you log in to our software. The consignor is expected to pay for and have a meal delivered. When you add up the $15 savings on the fee PLUS all the money you will save by shopping early, the food pays for itself!

*Off-site workers receive early shopping privileges and will have their consignor fee waived, however, the sales commission does not increase.




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