Fall & Winter Sale 2020 August 27-29
Consignor Registration Is Open

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Due to TN law, our capacity is limited to 50 people. Please make an appointment to shop. Grab your spot now! We hope this provides a better experience and shorter lines. The button below is live.

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Everything you need to know is in our PDF Consignor Guide.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Want to consign, but don't have the time?

Let Reruns Express Tagging Service do the work for you! You will receive ALL the benefits of consigning (including a Consignor Pre-Sale Pass) without the extra work!



Upcoming Changes

  • Our new preferred payment for all consignors is PayPal.

    • Those who choose PayPal will be paid within eight days.​

    • Those who choose a check in the mail will be paid within 14 days.

  • We are no longer accepting the Imagination Library, also known as Dolly Parton books, tags from other sales, and boppy.

  • Shoe limit of 20 for used shoes, no limit on brand new shoes. No used house slippers.

  • Drop-off limit of 400 items. You are allowed to have up to 800 items in our software.

Previous Changes​

  • New VIP category. Details below.

  • Due to recalls, we will not be accepting bouncers.

  • During the pre-sale, no kids or strollers from 9:30 AM -4 PM. Children (17 and under) of consignors are allowed into the pre-sale at 4 PM.

  • We have a new sales category: Homeschool Supplies. 

  • Your registration is complete when you reserve a drop-off appointment.

  • We are no longer accepting bedding for any age, even infants.

  • We have lots of rolling racks for drop-off. Just come inside and get one.

  • Consignors put out their own items during drop-off.

Sale Schedule

Fall & Winter Sale 2020
08/26/20 - 08/30/20

Liberty Hall at The Factory at Franklin


Wednesday, Mar 3

11:00 AM - 7:30 PM: Setup & Dropoff

Thursday, Mar 4: PreSale

10:30 AM: 3 Shift Workers

11:00 AM: 2 Shift Workers

11:30 AM: 1 Shift Workers

12:00 PM: Workers w/ Kids

12:30 PM: Consignors

2:00 PM: Consignors w/ Kids

4:00 PM: Heroes (military, medical, teachers, etc.)

5:00 PM: $10 Admission Public Presale

6:30 PM: $5 Admission Public Presale

Friday, Aug 28 
8:30 AM: $5 Admission New Parent/Grandparent Sale

9:00 AM: Public Sale, No Ticket Required

5:30 PM: 2&3 Shift Workers Half-Price Sale

6:00 PM: 25 Mystery Coupons ($5-$50) Handed Out

6:30 PM: 1 Shift Workers Half-Price Sale
7:00 PM: 20 Mystery Coupons ($5-$25) Handed Out

7:30 PM: Consignors Half-Price Sale

8:00 PM: 15 Mystery Coupons ($5-$25) Handed Out

Saturday, Aug 29
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM: Public Half-Price Sale

During the pre-sale on Thursday, no kids or strollers from 1-4 PM. Children (17 and under) of consignors are allowed into the pre-sale at 4 PM.

Infants in a sling/wrap are always allowed.


  • Go to www.rerunsarefunsale.com. There are multiple ways to reach our registration and tagging software.

  • Click on “Login” at the top of the screen”

  • Click on “Consign” beneath the logo” and then click on “Register Now”

  • You should now be at our software login page, which should have the name of the sale and the full schedule. Next, click on “Join” on the left. A four-digit number will be assigned to you as your consignor ID/number when registering. This will be your username to login and your consignor ID on your printed tags. Contact us if you want to change your consignor number.

  • If you are on an Apple computer and receive an error about the Key Chain, we recommend you try Firefox.

  • To complete registration, select a drop-off appointment.


Our donations for Fall 2020 went to Veterans Helping Veterans.


Are you too busy to consign? Our Express Tagging Service will hang, pin, tag, and deliver to the drop-off for you. You will receive all benefits of consigning (including a consignor pass and $$$) without the extra work!



  • Availability for our Express Tagging Service is on a first-come, first-serve basis and space is limited.

    • If the list is full EMAIL us, then we will put you on a waiting list.

  • Although our minimum is 100 clothing items, we recommend dropping off at least 150 items. A maximum of 200 items is accepted. 

  • Only clothing and shoes are accepted for Express Tagging. A maximum of 20 pairs of shoes. Limit 20 maternity items.

  • All items must follow our consignor instructions regarding what will be accepted and what will not be accepted as detailed in the consignor guide.

  • All items must be seasonably appropriate, freshly laundered, and free of stains and tears.

  • All items will be tagged using a fine needle tagging gun.

  • All clothing must be in a bag, like a trash bag. All shoes must be in a crate or large box. You will receive the crate/box back at pick-up.

  • Your Express Tagger will create a unique account for you in our online system for tagging/tracking purposes. You will be emailed your login user id and password to track your sales throughout the sale.

  • If you wish to consign more items (i.e., baby equipment, toys, furniture, etc.), then please register as a regular consignor.

    • Please note: You will only need to register yourself if you are consigning other items. If you are only using our Express Tagging Service, please do not register yourself in our software. On the day of pick-up, either verbally or by email, let us know that you have a second account and we will remove the consignor fee from that second account.

  • Your Express Tagger will price your items based on a reasonable sale amount.

  • All items will be marked to be discounted on half-price days. If you have a particular item(s) you wish to select the selling price and/or do not want to be discounted, please give this information in writing (description of the item, price desired, and/or discount request) to your express tagger.

  • Any items not accepted or unsold will be available at pick up. 

  • Pick up unsold items on Sunday from 2 PM - 4 PM. All items not picked up by 4 PM will be donated.


  • $10 to reserve your spot and cover the labor of picking up the clothes and delivering them to the sales floor.

  • $.57 per tagged item. For example, a shirt and pants together on a hanger is one tagged item.​​ This fee will be deducted from the sales commission check.

  • $15 consignor fee. The consignor fees pay for advertising and marketing of the sale.

  • Your check will be the standard 70% sales commission minus $.57 per tagged item and the $15 consignor fee.

For example:

  • In this example, the Express Tagger picked up 100 items from the consignor.

  • We will pretend that 55 of those items sold during the sale.

  • First, the $15 consignor fee will be deducted. Then, fifty-seven cents per tagged item will be deducted. For 100 items, this means the deduction will be $57.00.

  • Let's also pretend that the consignor sold $300 worth of items. We will subtract $15 and $57 from the $300 check. This means the amount sent to the consignor will be $228.







Drop-off anytime and skip the inspection, no appointment required. 



  • VIP consignors are allowed to drop-off anytime during regular drop-off hours.

  • To qualify, the consignor must not have any returned or rejected items during the previous sale event. Your inspector will tell you if you qualify for VIP. After that, please notify check-in to update your account to VIP status.

  • If items are pulled from the floor and placed in the consignor's bin/crate during the sale for non-compliance, then the consignor will be disqualified for VIP for the next sale. This would be an item that accidentally made it through inspection, such as off-season or a hidden rip. If this happens, the consignor is allowed to start over and try again next time.

  • The consignor is still required to register. Registration for VIP is made available when registration opens for the next sale.

  • Once you reach VIP status, don't forget to stop by the check-in table after you drop-off.



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